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Gobias A Documentary

Thank you to all of our supporters at the Gobias Industries donor level on our first 48 hours:

  • United Magic Film Studios (supporter) #117
  • Charles Hood #101
  • Maria Dams #100
  • Josh Morgan #80
  • Tracy #75
  • Mary Seed #70
  • Tom Tomkinson #67
  • Espen Farstad #50
  • Jeffrey Abramson #49
  • Daniel Khasidy #43
  • Kristin Koga #40
  • Chris Dumier #36
  • Jennifer Lieberman #26

Thank you to all of our supporters and please check out the Kickstarter campaign to find out how leaving a note could save this project.

Jeff & Neil



There is not enough money in the banana stand, we need your help!

We hate to ask you for money after waiting all of these years to see this.  You can pre-order the documentary and other fun stuff by donating to the Kickstarter campaign.  At least check it out and see if you catch any fun Arrested jokes.

The Arrested Development Documentary Project on Kickstarter

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