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Welcome to the Arrested Development Documentary Project. (10/10/07)

Dear Arrested Development Devotee,

We wanted to touch base with you and let you know a bit more about this documentary and the plans.  First off we have been working on a regular basis planning, contacting, acquiring, researching, etc.  We have made great progress and we have started interviewing.

The two main goals of the documentary:

  1. Awareness and Education about the show

  2. Get the show back on the air

Don't "misunderestimate" the power of our fan base.

More information on the Interview process.  Because we are based in LA, we are going to start in LA, then move to the Southwest and Northwest.  From there we will make our trek Eastward.  We will be contacting a group of you that live in that certain areas weeks prior to coordinate our visit with you.  Based on the location of all of the fans in your area we may meet at a central location or individual locations.  We will send out questions for you to ponder for the interview.

We look forward to meeting all of you and talking to you about the greatest show of all time.  Tell your friends about this documentary.

Thank you,
Bluth Family Values

PS - Did you know that Arrested Development episodes can be viewed on MSN? --

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