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A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Show (9/29/08)

with special musical guest David Schwartz performing original Arrested Development music.

This is going to be an Arrested Development Fan's dry dream!  There are some special AD guests attending as well.  We are being given a special price for our tickets if you mention the Arrested Development Documentary Project and my name, Neil Lieberman.  Please invite everyone and anyone to enjoy the comedic styling of AD, which we all know and love.

Date: 10/16/08
Time: 7 PM
Location: Vanguard LA:  6021 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028
Price: $15 (if you mention the Arrested Development Documentary Project and Neil Lieberman you will be upgraded to the $25 seats)
* 21 and over with ID

More information at:

Please spread the word about this and RSVP to me as well if you are interested by Oct 12th so I can get you on the special list to get the better seats.


Bluth Family Values


I didn't have the Will to wait until next week to tell you. (9/22/08)

I have two words for you:

Will Arnett

and a few more, wait for it. . .

. . .is part of the Arrested Development Documentary Project.

More good news to come so stay tuned.

Bluth Family Values

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! ANNYONG! (9/08/08)

I am sure you all know who we interviewed with the hints in the subject.  It was Justin Lee, aka ANNYONG, but his real name on the show was Hello, remember?  We also had the opportunity to interview Cedric Yarborough.  He played a small role in AD, but if you watch Reno 911! you know that he is Officer Jones (AKA Jonesy).  We are big fans of Reno 911! as well, so this was a double treat for us.

Wait until next week when I tell you guys who we have interviewed.  You guys are going to be pretty darn excited.

Keep spreading the word about the documentary.  The documentary is coming together nicely and you all know it wouldn't be possible without all of your support, so 1000 thank yous.

Bluth Family Values

EVE HOLT! (8/26/08)

No, I meant, STEVE HOLT!  We interviewed STEVE HOLT!  STEVE HOLT! was such a good sport.  I can’t remember how many times STEVE HOLT! said STEVE HOLT! but STEVE HOLT! is awesome!

You haven't even said word one. . . (8/18/08)


I know that you haven't heard from us in a while, but we have been quite busy going after the cast and crew.  Here is the running list of cast and crew that we have interviewed so far:


  • Ed Begley Jr - Stan Sitwell

  • Ian Roberts - Dr Wordsmith

  • David Reynolds - White Power Bill

  • Alia Shawkat - Maeby

  • Justin Grant Wade - Steve Holt

  • Matt Walsh - DA Agent


  • John Amodeo - Producer

  • Jay Chandrasekhar - Director

  • Paul Feig - Director

  • Dianne Friedgen - Locations Manager

  • Joel Hornstock - VP of Production at Fox

  • Katie Sparks - Costume Designer

We already have a list of cast members on board for the rest of August.  I will inform you all about these participants after the interview is completed.

Please continue to spread the word.

Thank you for your support,
Bluth Family Values