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You haven't even said word one. . . (8/18/08)


I know that you haven't heard from us in a while, but we have been quite busy going after the cast and crew.  Here is the running list of cast and crew that we have interviewed so far:


  • Ed Begley Jr - Stan Sitwell

  • Ian Roberts - Dr Wordsmith

  • David Reynolds - White Power Bill

  • Alia Shawkat - Maeby

  • Justin Grant Wade - Steve Holt

  • Matt Walsh - DA Agent


  • John Amodeo - Producer

  • Jay Chandrasekhar - Director

  • Paul Feig - Director

  • Dianne Friedgen - Locations Manager

  • Joel Hornstock - VP of Production at Fox

  • Katie Sparks - Costume Designer

We already have a list of cast members on board for the rest of August.  I will inform you all about these participants after the interview is completed.

Please continue to spread the word.

Thank you for your support,
Bluth Family Values

Help us get Jeffrey Tambor (7/8/08)

As you all know, we recently interviewed Ed Begley Jr.  He had some strong words about his fellow actor and cohort Jeffrey Tambor.  You can see the video here to get a taste of Ed's feelings for Jeffrey.

After watching this you can see that we have a duty as fans of Arrested Development.  .  . to get a rebuttal from Jeffrey Tambor on camera.  We are calling on the fan base to distribute this video around the dubya-dubya-dubya with the hopes of getting it to Jeffrey.  We want Jeffrey to defend himself in an interview, courtesy of the Arrested Development Documentary Project.

Your help and continued support is greatly appreciated.

Bluth Family Values

Maeby you want to know (6/03/08)

Since we have completed the fan interview trips we have been putting our energy into getting into contact with the cast and crew.  As you already know, one of our first interviewees set us up with Ian Roberts, aka The Literal Dr ("he is going to be all right"), which led us to Matt Walsh, aka the DEA agent giving George Sr the lie detector test.

Just recently we were lucky enough to get an interview with Paul Feig (, who directed multiple episodes of season two, created Freaks and Geeks and is directing The Office to name a few of his great accomplishments.

Last week we had an interview with Alia Shawkat.  You may know her as Maeby or Surely, either way she was a blast to talk to.  She had a lot of intriguing things to say and you all should look forward to this in the documentary.  She was really outgoing, open and was excited to participate in the documentary.

In the very near future we should have some more news about cast and crew interviews.  We will keep you informed.

Please keep spreading the word as much as possible.

If you have any Arrested Development related pictures, letters or other paraphernalia you would like to be in the documentary, please email it to us.  There is a chance that we will be able to incorporate it.

We have interviewed dozens of you. (5/27/08)

Actually we have interviewed over 200 of you AD fans.  Let's recap where we have been:

  • Los Angeles

  • Santa Barbara

  • Phoenix

  • Seattle

  • Dallas

  • Omaha

  • Kansas City

  • Raleigh/Durham

  • Roanoke

  • Boston

  • Northampton

  • New York City

  • Detroit

  • Wee London

Thank you to all of your support.  We could not have reached this momentous milestone without your help, dedication and enthusiasm.  Now we are moving into the next stage of the project, seeking out the cast and crew.  As we make progress on the interviews, you all will be informed.

If you were interviewed and have not commented on our website, please do us a favor and make some comments.

Look forward to news in the very near future.

Back from NYC, next stop: Detroit/London Ontario and we are interviewed (4/30/08)

AD Fans!

We just got back last night from NYC.  It was a great trip and we interviewed 31 fans, which is 2nd place to Raliegh/Durham for most fans interviewed.  I would like to thank all of the New York fans for their support.

A few highlights from the weekend:

  • One fan had two cats named Lucile and Maeby

  • A set of fans made us BANNER, ice cream sandwiches and frozen chocolate bananas

  • Filmed in the smallest space yet.  NYC studios can be pretty tight, especially when doing your best chicken impression

  • One fan had props such as Army water bottle and Kitty's sun glasses

  • A Franklin look-a-like was interviewed

  • A fan arranged a coffee shop interview location on Friday night and even covered the usage fees

  • Another fan hooked us up with the Rebar location in DUMBO on Saturday night

Next stop is Detroit.  We are coming in Friday May 16th with interviews on Friday night and Saturday.  Then we will travel to London, Ontario on Sunday for interviews.  We are working on locations right now.  If you are in those areas, I will be contacting you to schedule an interview.  If you are willing to travel there, please e-mail me so that I can put you on the interview list.

Also, please see an article written about the documentary by the Columbia Spectator: