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AD Doc interviews in NYC (4/25 - 4/27) (4/15/08)

AD fans!

Do you want to be involved with the Arrested Development Documentary Project? Do you live in or near NYC? Please submit your information to http://arresteddevelopmentdoc. com/blog/?page_id=26 to have your voice heard.

We will be in NYC for the weekend of April 25th to 27th. One of our interview locations will be at Rebar in DUMBO on Saturday, April 26th from 5 PM to 8 PM. Let me know in your submission if you are interested in coming to Rebar for the interview. We are also available to meet you at a specific location of your own.

Bluth Family Values
www. arresteddevelopmentdoc. com

St Paddy’s weekend in Beantown = hangover? Nope, it = 150 total AD fans interviewed (3/20/08)

We had a great trip to Boston and Western Mass. Because of the great response, we have now interviewed 150 AD fans. This is much more than we ever expected. Before it is all said and done, we will probably interview 200 AD fans. That doesn’t even count the fans that will send in their own footage. Please see the following link for more information ..ting your own footage:


Even if we don’t interview you in person, we want your voice to be heard.

New York interviews will be April 25th to 27th and stay tuned for a confirmed date for Detroit.

Everything’s Gone Green with the Arrested Development Documentary Project! (2/06/08)

The banana stand might be yellow, but we have gone green.

We hereby pledge to offset our project's carbon footprint (carbon footprint defined) and zero out our environmental impact.  This means every flight, drive, gallon of gas, piece of paper, electricity for interviews, editing, e-mailing for the documentary will be offset 100%. To offset our carbon footprint we will engage in different environmental activities aimed at zeroing out the greenhouse gases produced while making the Arrested Development Documentary Project. In addition, we are going to have a good time and make new friends while doing it!

What are we doing to help?
We are going to be taking part in many different types of activities.  These activities will involve a variety of local, national and worldwide organizations to reach our goal.  Sure, we'll clean up some beaches and plant some trees, but we're going to also host local house parties and change the way people think about giving back to the earth. These activities will be held on a regular basis and we'll do our best to let you know about them beforehand. If you happen to be local to any of these activities, why not participate?

What can you do to help?
You are welcome to join any activity that we are hosting.  But don't stop there; we encourage you to take the lead in your own area.  We'll send out a list of ways that you can participate in the next week.  Your ideas are always welcome. And we'd love to hear your stories about how you are creatively reducing your own carbon footprint (Making Mother Earth proud).

What does this all mean?
We will track activities done by you and our crew and we will keep tabs of how we are doing to zero out our environmental impact.

Stay tuned for a list of environmental activities to jump-start your commitment to Mama Earth! Remember, it's not nice to disrespect your Mother!

I hope that all of you are as excited as we are about this new aspect of the project.


Turn of the century in Raleigh/Durham (2/04/08)

We have interviewed over 100 fans, 119 to be exact. The 100th and 101st interviewees were Andrew and Peter from Durham, NC. They are Duke students and let us use the roof of their dorm overlooking central campus.  It was a unique location and a great interview.

The trip to Roanoke, VA and Raleigh/Durham was well worth our while and long travel hours, both flight and car. A huge thanks to the 25 interviewees this past weekend. That is a record for one weekend.

We had our first family interview. We interviewed the parents and then their two sons in separate interviews. It was a great experience. We also had a fan set up a group meeting in downtown Raleigh. We were able to meet a large number of fans their.

Please continue to spread the word.

Thanks for the support!

4 States in 1 day (1/28/08)

It is understandable that you can travel through 4 States in one day in the Northeast because the States are so small (no offense, MA, VT, RI, CT, etc.), but we were in 4 States in a matter of a couple of hours on Friday and Saturday. Once we landed in Kansas City, we immediately drove up to Omaha NE. On the way you are in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and finally Nebraska.

We interviewed a number of fans at a sports bar up there. We had a father and son interview, which was another first.  Thanks to all of the fans that go together in one place to facilitate this number of interviews in one evening.

The next day we made our way back to Kansas City, the land of fountains, that were not on, unfortunately. Fortunately, the BBQ was on and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were able to interview a bunch more fans down in KC. I am not going to tell you what props this fan had, but it was quite impressive. Look forward to seeing these props in the full feature.

Please take a look at the website if you haven't seen it already at

Next weekend (2/1 - 2/3) is Roanoke, VA and Raleigh/Durham, NC.